January 22 2023

2023 is a rabbit year on Chinese lunar calinder, and today is the 1st day of CNY. Here GN Solids Control would like to say Happy New Year to all our friends and GN business partners, thanks for all your support especially during COVID. Looking forward to 2023, GN Solids Control will have more confidence to build a much closer business partership with our customers, and with the open policy of the government, GN Solids Control will particiapte more exhibitions or shows in 2023. 

HappyNewYear2023 1

During Chinese Lunar New Year, all Chinese will back to their hometown for family reunion, it is the biggest festival for Chinese or even for most Asians. We make and eat dumplings by oursevels, as dumplings in the ancient time was the shape of glod or silver Yuanbao (one precious thing), when we eat dumplings we hope all the wealth can be taken. 
More and more cities are allowed to set off firecrackers and fireworks, which is one traditional Chinese New year actitivies. Also peopple like to wear red as red is the color of joy and happiness during big holidays. Little kids usually wear new clothes and set off firecreackers and fireworks. 
Another big traditional is we sit and eat together with various dishes during the last day of the Chinese Lunar New Year. It is a must that every families will eat fish as in mandarin fish is the same pronocution of surplus and rich. When people eat fish, we give the best wishes for the new year that all our familes or friendes can liver a better life. 

HappyNewYear2023 2
Includes all companies like GN Solids Control, all houses are pasted with Duilian which composed by two long red slips with poet for a better and clourful new year. As for the Chinese Letter of FU (means fortune), we usually paste it on the entrance door with the upside down, and we belive when you says the FU is down it means fortune is just arrvied at our house.