2022.08.15 Solids Control Centrifuge
August 20 2022

Oilfield Centrifuges and Drilling Cuttings Screw Conveyor for Middle East ......

With the oil price at a high level, more and more energy companies are trying to expend the production so as to more the more drilling contractors or drilling mud service companies are making capital investment on large oil and gas drilling mud solids control equipment and drill cuttings waste management systems. Recently GN Solids Control finished another batch of oilfield centrifuges and drilling cuttings screw conveyors for a Middle Eastern customers. It mainly includes 9 sets drilling waste decanter centrifuge, 3 sets oil based mud cuttings dryer, 12 sets screw conveyors and 12 sets screw pumps. 

Solids Control Centrifuge
August 13 2022

Drilling Mud Solids Control Centrifuge for African client

GN Solids Control is now a leading drilling mud solids control equipment manufacturer in the world, as one of the largest market for GN, Africa takes a very large market share especially when the oil price is at a high level this year. Just last week, GN Solids Control delivered some drilling mud solids control centrifuges to a African drilling rig contractor.

2022.08.04 Mud Recycling System
August 06 2022

Two Sets HDD Mud Cleaning System for Sinopec

GN Solids Control as a world leading mud cleaning system designer and manufacturer has been providing thousands units to HDD contractors. Last month, GN Solids Control shipped one set 240 m3/h HDD mud cleaning system and one set 120 m3/h HDD mud cleaning system. All GN Solids Control made systems are effectively to be used for solids and liquid separation, and the typical treating equipment includes shaker, cyclone, centrifuge and centrifugal pump etc. In short, GN uses gravity differences of liquid and solids to achieve the goal of get clear water and dry solids. 

2022.07.27 Shale Shaker
July 30 2022

Dual Motion Shale Shaker for Offshore Drilling Company

Dual Motion Shale Shaker for Offshore Drilling CompanyGN Solids Control is an oil and gas industry solids control equipment manufacturer who can build hundreds of shale shakers every year. Drilling mud is very important for drilling rig especially for large depth drilling activity. An effective drilling mud shale shaker is able to save millions of dollars for drilling contractors on the cost of the drilling mud. More importantly, it bring less oil sludge to the natural which is environmental friendly. 

2022.07.22 CIPPE 1
July 22 2022

GN will participate in CIPPE 2022 Petroleum Exhibition in Shenzhen

As a well-known manufacturer of Solids Control Equipment and Oilfield Environmental Protection Equipment in the oil industry, GN Solid Control participates the oil & gas shows and bring latest technology of Solid Control Equipment and Oilfield Environmental Protection Equipment every year, among them CIPPE is the largest one in China, the CIPPE 2022 will be held in Shenzhen instead of Beijing due to the COVID. The main equipment exhibited by GN Solid Control includes Vacuum Screen Unit, Decanter Centrifuge, Drill Cuttings Dryer, Solids Vacuum Pump and others which are mainly used for solids control of drilling mud, drilling waste treatment and oily sludge treatment.